Wrecking Buffalo: E. Market Street


Buffalo’s parking district is expanding. Ellicott Development is demolishing 79, 81, and 85 E. Market Street. The three structures are south of Ellicott’s Fairmont Creamery mixed-use building, west of Lofts @ Elk Terminal, and north of the casino.

In June 2021, the Preservation Council recommended denial:

79, 81, and 85 East Market Street – Demolish three commercial buildings. The Preservation Board, noting the historic association of 79, 81, and 85 East Market Street with the Elk Street Market and (in the case of 79 and 81 East Market Street) their status as a potential contributor to the National Register-eligible Buffalo X-Ray Historic District, recommended denial of the demolition permit to the Commissioner of Permits and Inspection Services. RESULT: REC REFUSED

Two of the properties were identified as historic in a 2013 Buffalo Preservation Ready Survey by Panamerican Consultants, Inc.:

From Ellicott’s candidacy last year:

The property referenced above is located on the east side of E Market Street between Perry Street to the south and Scott Street to the north. The site currently consists of two vacant two-story commercial buildings and one vacant one-story commercial building. These structures were built in ca. 1918, 1925 and 1946. We purchased the property in late 2015. As we develop plans for the future development of this site, we seek your approval to demolish these existing structures.

The Preservation Board’s recommendation was ignored and demolition began this week. An online permit search did not reveal a demolition permit for the work. The Buffalo X-Ray building along Perry Street will remain (below).

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