Vivo opens its first online store in Bangladesh


Vivo, a leading tech brand, understood the need of its local consumer and considering the same, Vivo opened its first online store in 2021 in Bangladesh.

Online stores have become an emerging concept in the region to provide a hassle-free shopping atmosphere for shoppers and save them time, a press release read.

In this digital age where everything is going digital, shopping, watching movies, studying and even professional roles have become possible from the comfort of our homes.

A long-term shift in consumer behavior began with an unforeseen lockdown during the Covid-19 outbreak that moved most processes online.

The impact of the pandemic has altered the way consumers and businesses interact with each other, leading to changes in consumer buying and selling behavior.

Sellers and consumers have started to prefer the online mode to facilitate their selling and buying experience. The Bangladesh market is witnessing a recent growth in the e-store market, which is an online space that allows users to purchase goods or services directly from a seller over the internet using electronic devices.

With exciting offers for users to enjoy from the convenience of their home, Vivo online store provides customers with a superior shopping experience.

Customers can perform advanced searches by going directly to the retailer’s website or by using a search engine to find other suppliers.

Moreover, university students, professionals who are often busy with their daily life, cannot waste time to go out and buy gifts for themselves, but still have their smartphones and laptops to work on.

With these smartphones and computers, they can buy their favorite products more efficiently and access the latest branded offers.

The brand allows users to purchase Vivo products directly from the Vivo online store. The online store promises customers a hassle-free online shopping experience with the best deals on Vivo phones.

Vivo online store provides consumers with plenty of facilities including 100% authentic and genuine products to ensure customer trust and reliability.

Other than that, Vivo wants to expand its reach to all groups of people, providing consumers with EMI options to increase their purchasing priorities and capabilities.

In today’s era, people prefer everything at their doorstep in less time, and delivering the same online store Vivo offers the fastest free home delivery service to save consumers time and give maximum leverage to users.

In addition, it offers replacement, secure payment and product insurance services to stay true to its customer service initiative by providing after-sales services.

David, Product Manager of Vivo Bangladesh, said, “Customers enable direct service using the internet through electronic devices and sellers also find the online store hassle-free. By doing so, it is possible to save a lot of time. We can say that the online store is an emerging concept in our country and Vivo has added a new step to it.

To enjoy this experience, users can check out Vivo’s online store and purchase products which are usually delivered within 24-48 hours in Dhaka and 72-96 hours outside Dhaka city.

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