SMOOR launches the True Macaron online store



SMOOR, a Bengaluru-based luxury chocolate brand that creates the ultimate indulgence experience with couverture chocolates, has unveiled plans to launch an exclusive macaron store. After having created and built the chocolate couverture category in India, the brand is now preparing to present the macaroons in a bouquet of unique and assorted flavors and variations.

In a movement to define a domain, the brand is launching an online platform through which it will present premium and organized buttons. At the forefront of creative innovation, the SMOOR’S True Macaron e-boutique will offer a range of 21 unique flavors in macaroons. The launch also brings a line of egg-free macaroons to cater to the segment that has been waiting to enjoy this delicate and delicious confectionery.

The line will also offer exciting and never-before-seen flavors in macarons like matcha pistachio and cassis violet and macaroon desserts including macaroon chocolates, macaroon cupcakes and macaroon cakes in indulgent flavors like fondant au Araguani dark chocolate. The range will be available on the website and also in SMOOR stores.

There is a gap in terms of industry players dedicated to innovation and promoting these Parisian delicacies. It is to fill this gap and the growing enthusiasm of consumers for snacking, that SMOOR has entered a whole new category with its True Macaron range.

Speaking on the launch, Kanchan Achpal, CMO, SMOOR, said: “We are delighted to launch our brand new category with True Macaron online store on the occasion of our memorable 5th anniversary. Macaroons represent an industry poised to be disrupted by a cutting edge brand that can use this much loved dessert and create a whole range of unique desserts around it. This is exactly what we do as we capitalize on the opportunity and, again, emerge as category creators. We believe in providing our customers with the best and most unique experiences, and this re-launch is just another step in underscoring that promise. “

Since its inception, SMOOR has mainly targeted the segment of young adults who have a taste for the finer things in life, who seek unique experiences, exercise good judgment in their choices and are willing to spend on premium and selected products. . Based on this, the brand will offer the highest quality, widest range of perfectly packaged macaroons, which will also make them a great gift choice.

With its single category expansion strategy, SMOOR plans to capture 10 percent of the Indian macaroon market, which is estimated at Rs 44 crore. The market is expected to reach Rs 100 crore by 2026, when the brand aims to have 30% of the market with its unique offerings.

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