Qatar Chamber’s electronic services benefit members and private sector, al-Sharqi says



Qatar Chamber is keen to further develop its digital structure to launch more online services, which have proven to be essential during the pandemic by being able to provide uninterrupted services to its members at the height of Covid-19 challenges, said the Managing Director Saleh bin Hamad. al-Sharqi pointed out.

Al-Sharqi, in the latest chamber issue of the business magazine Al Moltaqa, said that the Qatari Chamber continues to implement its digital transformation plans as part of “unremitting efforts” to serve the Qatari business community and the import role of technology in “translating these efforts into tangible reality.”
“The Qatar Chamber continues to implement its digital transformation plans. Therefore, it has developed its digital infrastructure to transform its services into e-services to meet the needs of all businesses and save members time and effort.
“There is no doubt that the chamber’s efforts are in line with the goals of the Qatar E-Government 2030 strategy, which aims to help businesses and private organizations find easier and faster ways to run their businesses,” al-Sharqi said.
According to al-Sharqi, this strategy is also in line with Qatar’s strategy for economic diversification which is based on creating an environment conducive to investment and business, and removing all barriers to doing business, so that the economy can continue to grow and develop.
“In this regard, Qatar Chamber has recently launched a series of online services with the aim of streamlining the country’s business environment and expanding the services offered to the business community, investors and companies in Qatar.
“The chamber’s electronic services will allow members to issue certificates of origin and ATA carnets, register for training programs and update company data. They will also have easy access to the Qatar Chamber’s online business and industry directory.
“Without a doubt, the digital transformation adopted by the chamber, in accordance with the highest international standards, has borne fruit during the Covid-19 pandemic. This digital evolution has enabled the chamber to provide its services to the private sector without interruption during provisional measures in a manner that preserves the
the safety and health of affiliates and visitors and has facilitated the business environment in the country, ”al-Sharqi said.
Al-Sharqi said this includes listing companies in the Qatar Chamber Commercial and Industrial Directory online, an electronic platform that includes listings of commercial and industrial companies operating in Qatar and registered at the chamber and classified according to the most important commercial activity and sectors in the country.
He said the directory provides an important platform that allows investors and business people inside and outside Qatar to explore the local market and identify companies from various economic sectors. .
“In general, the chamber is looking to further develop its digital structure to launch more online services with the aim of improving the services provided to the private sector, as making transactions and services digitally available would help the state’s efforts to achieve economic development. al-Sharqi said.

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