Pricing Trends Report 2021: Relationship Between E-Services and Mobile Network Operator (MNO) – An Analysis of E-Services from 30 Carriers –


DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The report “2021 Tariff Trend Report: Relationship between e-services and the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) – An Analysis of 30 Operators’ e-services” has been added to from offer.

The report examines the relationship between electronic services and the mobile network operator (MNO). It begins by examining the types of e-services offered, their integration into existing plans, the development of new e-services within the framework of a new ecosystem.

This report reviews the ways electronic services are used by the MNO. It considers the types of e-services that are offered and the role played by the MNO, and future developments for e-services and the MNO, covering thirty operators worldwide.

Additionally, some MNOs are offering a wide range of non-telecom services as they seek to diversify away from their core mobile call, text and data business. But diversification into content, financial services, insurance, home security, health, energy and other digital services remains experimental, often carried out in partnership with a specialist in the segment.

While some MNOs are diversifying away from “essential” telecommunications services, other MNOs have quietly reduced their non-essential services.

The analyst finds that electronic services are used by the ORM in one of four ways:

  • MNOs offer electronic services as part of a bundle or additional usage plan

  • MNOs offer e-services as a new standalone product or ecosystem

  • MNOs offer e-services as part of a loyalty program

  • MNOs develop their own online service (whether entirely or in partnership with an online service provider)

Main topics covered:

  • Introduction – The definition of an e-service – What is an e-service in a mobile context?

  • Examples of e-services and the categories used by an MNO

  • Integrating an e-service with an existing MNO service plan

  • The use of e-services as part of an MNO loyalty program

  • MNOs developing their own products and ecosystem of online services

  • Conclusions – Future MNOs aim to diversify into online services

Companies cited

  • ADT Korea

  • GameNow

  • JioSaavn

  • Mobile Line

  • Movistar

  • O2

  • Orange

  • SFR

  • T-Mobile

  • Verizon

  • Vodacom

  • Zurich Insurance

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