OPPO India launches its E Store in India


OPPO has announced that it is ready to bring a premium shopping experience to its users with the launch of its online store in India on May 7. The OPPO-owned online store will allow customers and tech enthusiasts to purchase any of their favorite products with just one click! sitting in the comfort of their own home. According to the company, this step will ensure more convenience while allowing users to have access to the brand’s latest offerings. A one-stop-shop for all innovative and latest OPPO offers, customers will be able to enjoy all the exciting offers accessible on the online store.

OPPO Online Store will ship OPPO products to tech enthusiasts in all parts of the country while providing a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Commenting on the ad, Damyant Singh Khanoria, Marketing Director of OPPO India noted, “The launch of the OPPO Online Store is a big step forward in increasing our omnichannel retail presence. We are focused on strengthening our online and offline presence equally. This platform will enable users to stay connected in these challenging times by enabling access to innovative technology from the comfort of their own homes”

OPPO has already built a strong network of retailers and distributors in the country. With 60,000 outlets and 180 outlets, the brand is uniquely focused on enhancing the customer experience and showcasing the unparalleled power of its innovative products that meet and exceed customer expectations today.

With the brand philosophy “Technology for Humanity”. Kindness to the World”, improving consumers’ lives through cutting-edge innovation and technology is of paramount importance to OPPO. This has led to the continued success of the brand. According to Counterpoint’s latest research report, in January 2021, OPPO rose through the ranks to become the top smartphone brand in China.

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