Nestlé HK offers food to its customers through a new online store



Nestlé Hong Kong launched an online store to better meet customer needs and improve their shopping experience.

In partnership with OMD, Nestlé Hong Kong hopes to foster a better understanding of consumer needs and preferences, and create more meaningful and sustained consumer interaction with the brand. OMD has used the unique online store features and digital marketing expertise to innovate the digital consumer’s journey to online shopping.

By leveraging advanced Google Analytics conversion tracking and shopping analytics for website and audience analytics, OMD can provide deeper insight into e-shoppers’ interactions with the Nestlé online store. Hong Kong.

This information can help the company improve customer experience and real-time product engagement across all Nestlé brands in Hong Kong.

“With around 40 different brands in Nestlé Hong Kong’s portfolio, we enable consumers to access quality products from multiple Nestlé brands through a single, convenient platform, providing them with a new online shopping experience. brand, ”said May Chung, Managing Director of Nestlé Hong Kong.

Gary Wong, Managing Director of OMD Hong Kong, commented: “Nestlé Hong Kong is leading the way for multi-category brands in digital. We are honored to partner with them to create leading media work for Hong Kong. “

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