Karnataka to expand e-marketplace for farmers’ produce


Karnataka plans to expand its pioneering Rashtriya e-Market Services (ReMS) platform to sell agricultural and horticultural products from Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), a senior official said on Wednesday.

The ReMS e-commerce platform will connect markets to OPAs allowing farmers’ collectives to sell their products wholesale.

“As a pilot sale, 37 lots of 4,661 quintals with a total trade value of Rs 1.41 crore FPO were traded on the platform,” ReMS Managing Director Manoj Rajan said, adding that Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai will soon chair a meeting to discuss expanding the platform to cover more FPOs.

Karnataka has 700 FPOs with an average membership of 350 to 400 shareholders.

Speaking at the State Credit Seminar organized by NABARD, Additional Chief Secretary and Commissioner for Development, Vandita Sharma, said that OPFs help increase long-term farm incomes. “The pilot had 4,661 quintals. It’s not enough. The sale of FPO products must be brought to the ReMS portal. It will make it easier for the farming community to do business,” she said.

Sharma pointed out that Karnataka was the first state to launch auctions in APMCs using ReMS. “The National Agriculture Market (e-NAM) came later,” she said. Rajan said FPO products like groundnut, maize, paddy, tur, ragi, jaggery, bengal gram, green gram and soybean will get market through ReMS.

“The electronic trading platform provides transparent, secure and comprehensive trading functionality to transact online for FPOs,” he explained. “FPOs update the details of lots available for sale, and buyers participate remotely by submitting their offers. The platform supports online settlement and payments to OPF/farmer bank accounts. »

The platform has 44,000 registered traders across 160 state markets. “These traders have access to these OPAs allowing them to get fair returns on their agricultural products through a transparent price discovery mechanism,” Rajan said.

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