ITC to double the number of its online store and increase its footprint in 14 cities



ITC Ltd recently announced that its recently launched online store will be doubled in the coming days. The online store was launched during the pandemic epidemic and is already present in seven cities with more than 700 merchandise. Today, ITC plans to rapidly double its geographic presence.

The company also said consumer-centric improvements are underway, such as in dietary supplements.

ITC currently sells merchandise in 46 classes through the online store. This contains natural and multi-grain atta, ghee, frozen snacks and baking pastes, luxury chocolates, ready-to-eat hygiene products, among others. The platform has been rigorously developed with built-in capabilities for handling ambient, fresh, frozen and recent goods. To attract visitors, the company is also offering shock deals at Rs 1 for the brand new product ITC has launched in the online store, while shipping is free for an order valued at Rs 750 and more.

ITC’s online store recently achieved top success scores in an unbiased survey conducted by Redseer of 10,000 shoppers.

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