Five reasons why the ITC online store is a perfect destination for all your daily essentials


The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies by leaps and bounds. With the implementation of working from home, people have turned to online channels to meet their daily needs from home, and this trend continues today. Online shopping has transcended to become a way of life for individuals juggling hectic and busy schedules, passion and hobbies.

“Convenience” is seen as one of the main drivers for this change, including attractive offers/discounts as well as access to a wide range of products without having to compromise on the quality of the products/services or the experience. So, if you are one of those who are always looking for the best deals, the best use of the money spent and access to a huge range of products from the comfort of your own home, the online store of ITC is your choice. to place!

ITC’s online store is an organized and well-designed platform to enable customers to meet all their essential daily requirements at one go without having to surf multiple apps. One of the unique features is the “personalization” aspect on some products which is sure to enhance your shopping experience. Now, whether it’s movie night with your family or sudden weekday guests or a deep cleaning of your home, ITC has you covered!


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Here are 5 reasons why we think you need to check out the ITC online store and its range of offers and benefits:

A range of world-class quality products to choose from

You need to fill your kitchen quickly or run out of soaps, or you just realized your friend’s birthday is fast approaching. ITC’s online store caters to all your needs like groceries, personal care, stationery, cleaning and household items, puja or gifts. The platform hosts over 45 high-quality brands and over 800 products to choose from. So staple foods like atta, organic cereals, ready-to-cook foods, noodles, snacks, cookies, cakes, milk, juices, etc. to personal care such as perfumes, skin care, shower gels, soaps, hand washing or the regular dishwasher, disinfectant sprays, agarbattis, smokeless matches, everything is there.

And that’s not where it all ends! ITC also presents a range of luxury brands that will certainly enrich your experience even more. Discover, Fabelle to enjoy exclusive flavors of chocolates and perfect to offer. ITC Masterchef to have dishes created by 5-star chefs at home or try EDW Essenza, perfumes and luxury soaps.

Brand new product launches for your niche needs

ITC’s online customers can enjoy the added benefit of discovering newly launched products on ITC’s online store that might not otherwise be available at regular outlets. A dedicated section highlights brand new, quality-focused products that meet unique needs in nutrition, personal care and more.

Recently, ITC introduced plant-based foods like ITC Master Chef IncrEdible Nuggets and Burger Patty for all vegan lovers. Reinvent the experience of your favorite cookie. The most loved Dark Fantasy chocolate cookie is now available as a dark chocolate shake with real Belgian chocolate.

Click on the new launches section to learn more.

Do it yourself
Since every individual is different and everyone has their own lifestyle, eating habits, etc., ITC has focused on innovation to deliver niche products that appropriately meet the needs of emerging consumers. . For the first time, ITC opened the platform for consumers to customize their own products. For example, if you are a fitness enthusiast and want your chapati to have a certain type of atta with added multigrain and a specific texture, the ITC online store makes it possible. Make your own atta here! Who would have thought that before! Currently, this is available in Delhi and will soon be expanded to other regions.

Similar functionality has also been extended for your personal care needs. You can now select a fragrance that matches your personality with an AI-powered tool, “Engage Fragrance Finder”, which allows you to make an informed decision.

Hassle-free shopping for everything you love

A shopping experience should be hassle-free, and ITC’s online store ensures seamless end-to-end operations. Your order is delivered to your door. Customers can choose “next day delivery” or a date as per their convenience. Simple and convenient payment options are made available to make the whole transaction satisfying and enjoyable.

Magic points to boost your shopping experience

Who wouldn’t love to be enthralled with enticing offers and exciting programs? ITC ensures that even your regular stock at home becomes a rewarding experience. Upon registering on, a Magic Box account is created with your registered email address and phone number. You get 50 points instantly and each point equals one rupee with 10% cashback on the first purchase. Consumers can use these points to redeem for redemption or gift Magic Points through gift cards.

ITC’s dynamic bouquet of world-class Indian brands has delighted more than 200 million households. These are designed and personalized to suit various tastes, needs and lifestyles. With high quality, nimble innovation at the heart of contemporary packaging and a formidable nationwide distribution network, ITC brands are an integral part of Indian homes.

With the online store, shopping couldn’t be easier. So, if you are thinking of renovating your home, visit the ITC online store for great seasonal monsoon discounts.

Disclaimer: This article was produced on behalf of ITC Store by Times Internet’s Spotlight Team.

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