Estilos launches its online fashion store worldwide


Fashion brand, Estilos announced the launch of its e-stores worldwide. With a promise to make fashion accessible to everyone, Estilos has launched an internationally acclaimed range of high-end fashion with a traditional twist.

Online shopping is a mainstream fashion engagement that offers a world of total freedom to express yourself without judgement. Superior offerings inspire those who want to express themselves through the way they dress and the way they want to live.

Speaking on the occasion, Bijoy Chauhan, Founder and CEO of Estilos, said:It is an honor for us to have Smt. Kshipra honored the occasion. His presence further confirms his faith in our company and encourages us to push forward the agenda to ensure that high-end fashion is accessible to all.

Chauhan is an accomplished leader in the fashion world with a strong knowledge of fabrics. During his career spanning more than two decades, he has diversified experience in building international fashion brands with a statement. A passionate thought leader, he built brands that made it onto the Fortune 50 list. His claim to fame was “Ayurganic clothing,” based on Ayurveda, which put India on the global map. He led the space and established the concept in the fashion industry.

In the current product offering, Estilos offers a diverse collection divided into 5 categories. is – Ayus, is the Ayurvedic clothing line where ayus is derived from Sanskrit meaning life and healing. Estilos’ stunning black and white at est is the signature collection. is – Masterjee is the premium line of personalized clothing accessible to everyone. is – Denimite is the amazing collection of denim and is – A 100 mile offers a range of the best leather and biker leather jackets in offer with relevant accessories. Other collections that support the above five collections are the digitally printed t-shirts of the est – Terrimeri collection and the est – day collection containing the latest scarves and accessories.

Ayurganic clothing is unique because the collection is made from products of an organic nature. During an extended 15-day process supervised by the Vaidyas, who have experienced Ayurvedic physicians, the fabric is treated with selected oils, herbs, plants, wood, roots and bark. The fabric is then impregnated, impregnated and dyed, which makes the fabric extremely soft which envelops, caresses and protects the skin in a very special way. This softness of the fabric promotes well-being and the feeling of being good with your own skin. The origin of this type of fabric dates back to the Vedic period and is currently only available in Kerala. The accessories used in this line of clothing are also organic in nature.

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