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Online store aggregators are emerging as a disruptive force that is revolutionizing the retail industry by simplifying the online shopping experience. T

We live in a world of e-commerce, but its importance was duly recognized in the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. E-commerce has not only made the world work, but has also contributed in a large measure to control the spread. virus. Online shopping has eliminated the need to go out, reducing the volume of people shopping for their daily needs in physical stores.

E-commerce has been around in India for almost 2 decades now, however, the emergence of a new disruptive force is starting to revolutionize this industry. This disruption happened with aggregators like Uber, Oyo rooms, Ola, etc. who have created businesses worth millions of dollars. The concept of an e-aggregator is now quickly adopted in the retail industry and they make shopping online a whole new hassle-free experience full of choice. Let’s take a look at how these aggregators are transforming the entire ecommerce industry.

Bring customers and salespeople closer together

Aggregators aggregate products from merchants across the country on their platform where end consumers shop. The technology of online stores as well as the display and promotion of the merchant’s products are supported by the aggregators, saving the merchants additional time and money. Since these websites provide a wide range of choices for consumers and have a much higher click-through rate, the chances of potential customers visiting these websites are greater than a standalone product or a merchant’s website. individual. This ultimately leads to better visibility and consistent sales, helping merchants run their businesses smoothly.

Shopping is hassle-free

Although aggregators offer hundreds of choices for a given product, they rarely overwhelm the user with choices. Most aggregators provide consumers with multiple filters to narrow down their search results as much as possible to find the near-perfect product. They also provide better search results on subsequent visits by the consumer based on their previous searches and preferences. Additionally, few aggregator websites offer the ability to compare similar products from different brands or sources. With various of these inclusions, potential consumers can be well informed and can balance their needs and budgets.

Removal of time and place limitations

Aggregator websites are on the Internet and are not subject to any limitation on time or space for shopping. With an increasing number of consumers using the mobile phone to browse the web, these mobile-friendly websites allow them to shop while traveling, while dining in restaurants or strolling in the park, or in the wee hours of the night. at their home. This is a win-win situation for aggregators, traders as well as end consumers.

Recommendations and opinions

When buying a new product from a new source, consumers want to learn from the experience of others who have used it before. In the real world, consumers have to trust the words of the merchant when purchasing a product; but with online shopping, they can read the reviews and experiences of other people who have already purchased the product. Aggregator websites not only encourage their consumers to rate the product, but also give them the opportunity to rate the merchant, delivery agency, and after-sales services. In this way, new consumers get a lot of information about the product they want and can make an informed decision.

New ideas and innovation

Since aggregators do not own the products, they invest their time and effort heavily in improving technology and innovation on their platforms to create the most rewarding shopping experience for consumers. They also work to assist traders in promoting the products displayed on the platform. Aggregators also use artificial intelligence to personalize the platform for shoppers and provide them with recommendations based on their usage model and inputs, which leads to a simple and seamless shopping experience.

Uncertainty is history

Covid-19 has shown the world how uncertain life can be. By the time the world stopped, retail was on the verge of collapse. But online store aggregators have come to the rescue of merchants as well as consumers and made industry, society, and economy work. Even for any future situation similar to Covid-19, online store aggregators should neutralize the uncertainty and help life unfold with minimal hindrance.

As mentioned earlier, online store aggregators are emerging as a disruptive force that is revolutionizing the retail industry by simplifying the online shopping experience. The funding and investment these aggregators attract are a clear indication that the industry is embracing them with open arms. Therefore, we can expect these aggregators to be here to stay and continue to meet our online shopping requirements ranging from groceries to clothing.

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