Digicel’s online store adds two smart treats – TCL 20SE and TCL 20E


The Digicel store has a new entry for you this week and it’s just a click away from being in your pocket or your hand if you shop through the online store.

This week, Tech Thursdays features the TCL 20SE and TCL 20E.

Do you normally associate TCL with TVs? Well, this electronics giant also makes awesome cell phones!

TCL 20SE lets you take your entertainment wherever you go!

So why choose the TCL 20SE, moreover because it’s our recommendation this week? Discover the sweet characteristics.


  • With a larger-than-average 6.8-inch screen (believe it or not, that’s the same size as Samsung’s S22 Ultra!), you won’t miss a thing.
  • It has immersive 3D surround sound, so hearing the secrets won’t be a problem.
  • A huge 5000 mAh battery keeps you connected all day.
  • The AI-powered 48MP Quad Camera will inspire you to create and share all your favorite moments with friends and family!
  • We also mentioned that this pack packs a punch with 128GB of storage!!

TCL 20SE pro tip: For a minimalist look on your device, go to the main menu and select Set open and lock home screen and select the default home app, then select Simple launcher and select the slider to activate it! Like the TCL 20SE? Take it, buy it! https://shop.digicelgroup.com/bb/tcl-20se-with-prepaid.html

Use code DIGI10 at checkout to get 10% off!

Alcatel TCL 20SE and TCL 20E Smartphones from Digicel Online Store

The TCL 20E is the smaller sibling of the TCL 20SE, but it’s not that much smaller.

This build ensures your social media game is rock solid with 128GB internal storage, you can afford to have all your favorites like Instagram, Tik Tok and photo editing apps to make sure you post the photo or the perfect video every time! Download all your favorite songs or podcasts so you can listen to them wherever you are!

And although it has three rear cameras instead of four, it has the same 8MP front camera as its bigger sibling. So your selfie game can stay on point.

With a 6.5 inch screen, you can also watch your favorite shows and movies on the PlayGo app!

Do you like the TCL 20E? Take it, buy it!


Use code DIGI10 at checkout to get 10% off!

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