Devotion is now back on sale on the Red Candle Games online store



Red Candle Games’ fierce battle for a reissue of the controversial psychological horror game ultimately led to success.


After quite a bit of uproar, Red Candle Games’ controversial psychological horror game, Devotion, is finally back for sale on the studio’s online store. Hooray!

The Taiwanese independent studio had to face all kinds of tough battles with this one, after Devotion was delisted from Steam days after its original 2019 release, and GOG decided it would also avoid listing the game on its platform at the end of last year. The studio has remained determined to re-release the game throughout, though, and it looks like they’ve finally done it.

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Devotion has been praised to be a superbly atmospheric psychological horror, but more than that, it has even been elevated to the status of historical scholarly art and has been added to the prestigious Harvard-Yenching Library. Red Candle’s first set, Devotion and Detention, which was also added to the library’s Chinese collection, features themes around Taiwanese culture and popular religion, as well as important Taiwanese historical events.

However, when a reference to this internet meme comparing the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China – Xi Jinping – to Winnie the Pooh was discovered in Devotion, problems began to arise. This discovery led to an explosion of controversy over the game, as well as a whole slew of criticism bombings by those who were angry at the derogatory reference to the Chinese leader.

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Xi Jinping’s controversial content has long been patched from the game by the developers, but not before the damage has already been done. The consequence was the removal of Devotion from Steam, and since then the developers have tried to re-release the game with little success.

But now we are there, with this goal finally achieved. You can now buy Devotion directly from Red Candle Game e-shop for $ 16.99, or with Detention and full OSTs of both games for $ 33.56. “We hope to provide a direct and easy purchasing channel for players interested in our games,” say the developers. Hopefully the game is finally here to stay.

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