CompAsia opens latest online store in Singapore as it champions mobile gadget trade in Southeast Asia


There is a new global recommerce movement, which celebrates the trade in pre-loved items that extend the life cycle of those items, thereby promoting sustainable and responsible consumption.

CompAsia, which champions the mobile gadget trade in Southeast Asia with unparalleled success in Malaysia, invites more customers to consider buying second-hand gadgets such as smartphones, laptops and smartwatches with the opening of new online stores in Singapore and Thailand. , and the promise of high quality products at affordable prices.

“We have seen exponential growth of 2,500% in our online store business in Malaysia over the past two years, largely due to movement restrictions which have amplified the convenience of doing business on the CompAsia platform. , and the assurance that we only sell original products and we offer the highest quality used gadgets,” said Julius Lim, Founder and CEO of CompAsia, which currently operates in nine markets in the region.

“Customers are convinced that we offer them excellent prices both when buying back their devices and when selling used devices on our online stores,” he said, adding that the control CompAsia’s 32-step quality assurance that every device undergoes, as well as secure data erasure to protect both buyers and sellers has also proven to be a major reason for its growing customer base.

With deep expertise in the device industry, CompAsia provides access to high-quality devices backed by responsive after-sales service unlike anything you’ll find on regular C2C platforms or pre-owned phone retailers. . To date, CompAsia has sold over 500,000 devices worldwide and continues to increase sales at a blistering pace.

“The network upgrade from 4G to 5G is further driving smartphone sales and customers are actively looking for the best deals and reliable trade-in options, which is why we are already seeing an increase in traffic to our new store in line in Singapore,” says Jules., which promises always affordable prices, is offering Singapore customers an additional 5% discount on all devices in a special opening offer until April 30, 2022, which translates to nearly $300 off its most expensive items. Customers will also benefit from CompAsia’s free three-month warranty (extendable up to 24 months) and next day shipping. Payment options in Singapore are supported by GrabPay, MasterCard, Google Pay, Zip, PayNow, and Visa.

“CompAsia is changing customers’ mindsets when it comes to buying used gadgets because we offer them the best quality for every item and make every brand accessible to everyone,” Julius said. “When you buy from a resale site, you’re not only extending the life of the item, but also diverting waste from landfills, which means a healthier planet.”

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