Chinese pair detained for scamming online store app


Two Chinese men have been arrested on suspicion of tricking victims into fake investments worth more than 2 billion baht.

Major General Pol Somboon Thiankhao, commander of the 191 Patrol and Special Operations Division, told a press briefing yesterday that the couple, identified as Chen Yirong, 34, and Lin Bin, 20, had been arrested following a series of complaints in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. . Over 1,000 victims were allegedly tricked into using a fake version of a popular online shopping app.

Investors would be encouraged to increase their stake in the program after an initial payment, before being cheated out of their next payment on the app.

A clue then led police to the whereabouts of the suspects at a condominium in the Ram Intra district of Bangkok.

Pol Maj Gen Somboon said the duo were tasked with overseeing the online fraud gang’s transaction system. The couple would transfer the victims’ money to bank accounts registered by Thai collaborators.

Police confiscated four computers, 10 cell phones and 57 passbooks with ATM cards and cell phone SIM cards. About 2 billion baht of transactions had also been recorded, of which 1.4 billion baht had been transferred to other bank accounts, and the rest invested in cryptocurrencies.

Pol Maj Gen Somboon said the couple told police they had entered Thailand to work in the financial services sector with a monthly salary of 30,000 baht each. They denied the charge of deceiving others.

The couple face two charges of misusing electronic payments and working without a work permit.

The pair and all items seized were later handed over to Khok Kram police as the investigation widened to find their accomplices, it added.

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