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In what looks like a whole new development for the e-commerce industry in Pakistan, Bonanza Satrangi has introduced Augmented Reality (AR) and an innovative feature set to its website.

The clothing brand made the change to acquire better technical support, eliminate downtime, and introduce interactive shopping features that empower the customer.

One of the many innovative features that the platform now offers is that customers can virtually try out products before placing an order.

Why augmented reality?

It’s time for selfies!

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive experience that renders images or digital data on real life objects.

At this time when the world is struggling to fight Covid-19, it is not advisable to put on makeup before making a purchase. That is why Bonanza Satrangi has stepped forward and introduced AR technology for its customers in Pakistan.

The new feature allows customers to upload their photo and try on cosmetic items using a camera.

This not only enables a hassle-free high-end shopping experience, but also ensures that customers make better purchasing decisions while staying safe at home.

Plus, the created looks can be shared with your friends and family!

Buyable lookbook makes shopping even more convenient

The website allows customers to view each outfit from the brand’s latest downloaded catalog in full 360 view.

Interested buyers can directly add the parts they wish to purchase to their cart and proceed to checkout.

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